Top currencies
  • USD $ United States Dollar
  • CNY Chinese Yuan
  • HKD $ Hong Kong Dollar
  • SGD $ Singapore Dollar
  • EUR Euro
All currencies
  • AUD $ Australian Dollar
  • IDR Rp Indonesian Rupiah
  • PLN Polish Zloty
  • BRL $ Brazilian Real
  • INR Indian Rupee
  • RUB Russian Ruble
  • CAD $ Canadian Dollar
  • JPY Japanese Yen
  • SGD $ Singapore Dollar
  • CHF Fr. Swiss Franc
  • KRW Korean Won
  • THB ฿ Thai Baht
  • CNY Chinese Yuan
  • MYR RM Malaysian Ringgit
  • TRY Turkish Lira
  • EUR Euro
  • NZD $ New Zealand Dollar
  • TWD $ New Taiwan Dollar
  • GBP £ British Pound
  • PHP Philippine Peso
  • USD $ United States Dollar
  • HKD $ Hong Kong Dollar

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